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A Piano For Every Event Or Space

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Found the perfect venue but missing that something special? Or there's something not quite right about the atmosphere? One word, Music! Music can change the whole dynamic and offer that "something else" for your occasion, be it a simple pianist in the background as your guests arrive, playing through dinner to keep them entertained in between courses, or to get the tempo up either playing solo or accompanied by a singer or band to serenade and dance the night away and work off that amazing food and wine.

The above sound great? One problem, no piano at the venue. Not for us! The London Pianoforte Network have unique portable baby Grand piano's in either the classic black or modern white so any venue can have the look of a Grand that can't be beaten in style. Our piano's are lightweight, compact for transportation and come provided with a keyboard and amp so you get the look of a beautiful Grand but without compromising on the sound of the real thing. You can even request a microphone if one of your guests are partial to a song or two.

ivy restaurant London
Portable Piano at The Ivy Restaurant, West Street, London.

The ease and flexibility of our pianos mean that they can be set up in just a few minutes in locations and venues that a real Grand couldn't. Click here to take a look at our piano shell promo. We have transported pianos to many different venues via car, tube (mind the doors!) and even a walk through China Town, and have set up in the most beautiful locations for weddings, private dining parties, concerts (most recently West End Live in Trafalgar Square) and even a music video promo in the middle of the woods!

Our portable pianos can be hired with or without a pianist but all of our pianos are set up by a professional musician so we can assure that the equipment is correct and ready to go when needed, so why not take advantage and have them play too.

ivy restaurant London
The Ivy Private Dining Room, West Street, London

And if you would prefer the real deal we can organise one of our Boston Grand Pianos to be delivered, tuned and set up in the venue of your choice and carefully packed and taken away again after the event.

To enquire about either our portable or Grand pianos please click here.

There is something unique about a solo pianist but if the dynamic needs to change to suit the occasion or to get the party going later on in your event we have a wide selection of superb acts to suit.

For any enquires, quotations or to book please contact us via this link.


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