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Wedding Reception Music Guide

Following on from our last blog we’ve provided hints on music to continue the wedding day celebrations through the wedding breakfast and beyond.

The ceremony is over, the happy couple have shared their commitment to each other in front of their nearest and dearest and walked back up the aisle to the sound of their favourite song, or maybe the more traditional church bells and now the guests are eagerly awaiting the after party….. but not before the photos!!

The Interlude and Cross Over Acts

Background music in the interval between the vow exchanges and the reception meal can be a welcome distraction to the guests who are waiting for the ever enthusiastic photographer to finish up, and as we all know this can take a while. Family members are hard to herd for that all important group pic and the happy couple can take their time to bring themselves back to the celebrations after being whisked away by the camera team.

This is where a cross over act plays it's part in the big day, moving from the all important ceremony to setting the scene for the reception in the interim rather than an empty period of restless guests.

Whether you’ve had a pianist, vocalist or instrumentalist for the ceremony they can all provide for the time in between the marriage vows and dinner, whether that be mingling amongst the guests outside whilst the photographer snaps away, in a holding area for drinks whilst the ceremony room is changed over ready for the wedding breakfast or for the arrival of guests at a new venue. So when choosing an act be sure to think beyond the ceremony and how they might work in the time afterwards.

The Wedding breakfast

No matter how well your guests know each other, and you hope they fill the room with the happy chatter of excitement for your big day it’s always a good idea to have some sort of background music to ease the guests into the long awaited menu and provide something of an atmosphere for those of them who would rather sit back and enjoy the moment rather than talk throughout to that long lost cousin. So why not consider one of our portable piano shells. Quick to set up, with the look and sound of a full size grand but small enough to fit into the most awkward of spaces. Comes with all the equipment needed for our pianists to provide that all important atmosphere inside or out!

The After Party

Of course some of us prefer a quite, elegant ending to a wedding and are happy to just leave the wedding day at that but if a party is what your guests are eagerly awaiting we have options to get the guests in the mood and carry on dancing until dawn (or the venue calls time at the bar!) Once the speeches are over and the food has gone, a roaming act such as The Rovers Roaming Band have the amazing ability to wake up the sleepy ones, entertain the merry and get the whole room singing along together and moving to work off that wedding breakfast. With the band in amongst your guests everyone gets a front sit to the action and will find it hard to not join in.

Who’s Up For Dancing?

Once the roaming band have done there thing, got everyone in the mood and into where everyone needs to be why not have a party band to dance the night away. Party bands can be wide in genres and can cater to whatever era of music best suits the wedding party be it a more vintage vibe, totally 90’s or a band that can provide the tunes throughout the ages. Smaller, or all the way up to an eight-piece band, the possibilities are up to you and can be tailored to what fits best. One such band is the Clarity Band who can provide for more intimate venues right up to an 8-piece band with drums, guitar, bass, vocals and the all impressive brass! They can even include a saxophone player who comes out into the room alongside the singer and interacts with the ever enthusiastic guests. They really are a big hit with our clientele!

The After, After Party…

The bands finished but the evening guests are still arriving and want to carry on the celebrations with you all, this is where the classic DJ act shines through. DJ’s provide the tunes (taking the ever popular requests) and the guests provide the (sometimes questionable) dance moves. If you want to add an extra element to truly make the evening end on a high then why not consider a DJ Sax act? Elijah is just one of our DJ's who not only chooses the tunes but comes out onto the dance floor to join the guests in a sensational saxophone dance off!

Whatever the vibe of the reception we can provide the music from the beautiful serenity of the ceremony right on through to the evening entertainment, leaving the newly weds happy and guests talking about the wedding of the year for a while to come.

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