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Jazz and The Tonics

Jazz and The Tonics are a jazz and swing band, playing your favourite jazz standards, swing classics and Postmodern Jukebox Covers. Jazz and The Tonics are a band made up of five incredibly talented musicians and are the perfect band for weddings, parties and corporate events. Jazz and The Tonics will bring a touch of sophistication and glamour to your event and be sure to get your guests singing along and toe tapping.
Jazz and The Tonics are fronted by Emily Louise on vocals. Emily is an extremely experienced vocalist. The other fine musicians in the band are Piers Green on saxophone, Sam Sharawi on double bass, Andy Wilder on drums and Adam Day on piano. Between them all, they have played nationally and internationally at numerous concerts, festivals, theatre shows, weddings and events.
If you would like a smaller jazz and swing band, you can book the band as many different line ups. For example, as a piano duo (vocals and piano), or as a jazz trio with piano, double bass and drums, or perhaps as a trio with piano, vocals and drums. The options are endless . . . Just ask, and we will cater to your needs!

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