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Jason S - DJ

Jason Sonance isn't just a DJ - he lives and breathes music. Dance, pop, garage, indie, funk, reggae, and soul - whatever you love. Jason Sonance has it all. He's got classic tunes from the 50s and the most up-to-date chart hits. In other words, he's a party waiting to happen!

Jason Sonance has honed his skills over the last 30 years and is as happy in the mix proving laid back background music to a full on party.

Highly recommended and able to put on a performance for any audience. Jason Sonance regularly performs at London’s 34 Mayfair and The Ivy. Jason is vastly experienced, having provided his services to parties up and down the country, from the BBC to The MOD, BT tower to the national war museum and Shard. Jason can work with any venue to set the right tone.

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