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Katie & John - Duo

After years of mastering their own respective craft, performing at functions throughout the UK and beyond, these two musicians have found a palpable musical chemistry that can’t be taught.
Katie & John are a singing, acoustic duo perfect for any special occasion. Combining over twenty years of dedicated solo performing, they joined forces in 2019, discovering a natural blend of voices that quickly wowed listeners. The Liverpool-based act perform a vast repertoire of well-known hits, inspired by their mutual love for the classic songwriters of folk, rock, country and pop.

With tastefully arranged harmonies classy yet rustic, performances well-drilled yet with a clear sense of fun, K & J are the ideal soundtrack for both intimate moments like a wedding ceremony or first dance, and the celebratory sing-alongs to follow.

Combining classical training and a love for all things Americana, K & J share a passion and accomplished skill for guitar finger-picking, and provide sumptuous instrumental backing to their vocals.

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