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Victoria Ward - SInger

As the Grammy winning producer for Dolly Parton, Alison Krauss and Jewel, Neil Cappelino says, Victoria Ward has “ a certain ‘quality’… a special something that none can name, but we know it when we hear it”. Coveted starlet Victoria Ward aka Hollie De Villier performs pop, soul, rock and jazz at fabulous weddings, parties and events for prestigious clients including Virgin, Grazia, UKTV, and Boots, at venues such as The Hotel Cafe Royal, Cambridge Union Society and Stowe School. Victoria Wardperforms a fantastic set list of popular songs and will tailor her repertoire to your event – whether that’s elegant background music or dance floor filler classics. Victoria Ward can also be booked as a roaming act - singing whilst mingling with guests, and she can provide pre-mixed interval sets tailored to your requirements in addition to performing special song requests.

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